The District Planning Unit is basically a supportive department to council. The District Planning Unit guides and coordinates the Development Planning function in the District including the preparation of the District and Lower Local Government Development Plan, monitoring and evaluation of the plans and projects. In Lamwo District, The Planning Unit is headed by Mr. - Amone Jimmy, Ag. District Planner and supported by the Senior Planner Mr. Onywaronga Albon.
The District Planning Unit is charged with the following functions: To facilitate the planning function in the District and Lower local governments in line with the District and National Development Plan and the National Vision; Collect and collate information for planning purposes; To promote efficient and effective implementation of National and District priority programmes; Providing technical guidance on the overall Local Government Development Planning cycle; Taking lead in the organisation and coordination of the planning forum and overall consultative process for the Local Government Development Plan formulation; Liaising with the National Planning Authority on all technical matters regarding management and coordination of the Local Government Development Planning cycle; Ensuring the existence of comprehensive and Integrated District and Lower Local Governments Development Plans and District Annual Budget; Giving feedback to the Lower Local Governments and Councils about the results of the planning process; Ensuring that the activities of development partners are coordinated; Ensuring a functional Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system in the district so as to coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of government policies and programmes; Coordination and dissemination of information on government policies, programmes and projects.; and Integration of population issues/factors into development planning process.