Statutory Bodies

The Statutory Bodies Department derives its mandate from the existing legislations and is tasked with preparation and approval of Comprehensive Integrated Development Plans according to the Local Government (Amendment) Act 2015 Cap 243 Section 35 and monitoring the implementation of the Approved Development Plans and Budgets. The department is also tasked with conducting periodic review and evaluation of annual plans, budgets and identifies Council’s priorities in relation to the existing Government policies and regulations as per the National commitment.
The Statutory Bodies Department is responsible for District Council, District Service Commission, District Contracts Committee and District Land Board, Standing Committees, Council and District Executive Committee; and is headed by the Clerk to Council - Mr. Onyango Geoffrey Okene.

District Council
The District Council is headed by the District Chairperson, Hon. Oyet Sisto Ocen and District Vice Chairperson, Hon. Odongmadiki David. The other members of Executive Committee are: Hon. Abalo Doris - Secretary for Production, Marketing & Works and Technical Services and Hon. Obale Robinson - Secretary for Health, Education and Community Based Services. The Secretary for Finance, Planning and Administration is yet to be nominated by the District Chairperson in the next District Council Meeting. The total Council membership is 40 with the District Speaker being Hon. Ochola James Passi Ogiki deputised by Hon. Ocen James. The Council has three Standing Committees.

District Service Commission
The District Service Commission is a government agency responsible for the appointment, promotion, disciplining and removal from office of all employees other than the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Deputy CAO, Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk of a City and Town Clerks (TCs) of Municipalities. It is established by the Ugandan government and derives its existence from Article 198 and section 55 of the 1995 Constitution and Local Governments Act 1997 as amended 2001 respectively. The commission's functions are entrenched in Article 200 (1) of the constitution and section 56 (1) of the Local Governments Act2. The members of the District Service Commission include: Mr. Olal Atima Rashid Collins - Chairperson, Mr. Oyika Ben - Member, Mr. Otira George - Member, Mrs. Joro Okwee Betarice - Member and Mr. Olworo Aquilino - Member with Bongomin George Kinyera (Senior Assistant Secretary/ACAO) as the Secretary.

District Contracts Committee
The District Contracts Committee manages the procurement and disposal process up to the point of contract placement in the district, manages the opening and closure of bids and pre-bid meetings, and attends the Contracts Committee meetings to offer clarification on any submissions. There is a functional Contracts Committee with the following membership whose term of office was renewed in March 2023 for next 3 years. The committee secretary is the Procurement Officer - Mr. Oyoo Simon Peter. The members include; Ms. Acayo Grace - Chairperson, Dr. Avudraga Stanley - Member, Mr. Arop Wilson Woodford - Member, Mr. Joro Ben Washington - Member, and Lakot Janet - Member.

District Land Board
The district land board is mandated to exercise the role of the lessor and to exercise the powers of a controlling authority in respect of leases granted out of public land then controlled under the repealed 1969 Public Land Act. The members of the District Land Board include: Mr. Okuna Richard - Chairperson, Mr. Ocan Alfred - Member, Mr. Okongo Kulau - Member, Ms. Abalo Florence - Member and Ms. Lakot Concy - Member with Bongomin George Kinyera (Senior Assistant Secretary/ACAO) as the Secretary.

Public Accounts Committee
The District Public Accounts Committee looks at how rather than why public money has been spent and does not examine the merits of Government policy. That role is performed by the relevant Departmental Select Committee. The Committee does not look at the spending of individual local authorities, police forces or other local bodies. The members of the Public Accounts Committee include: Rev. Olara John Ochola - Chairperson, Rev. Lapir Jalon - Member, Mrs. Akongo Sarah Obalim - Member, Mr. Okot Okech Constantine - Member and Mr. Okot Joe - Member with Okumu Robert (Senior DCDO) as the Secretary.