Parish Development Model (PDM)

Lamwo District like other districts rolled and launched the PDM implementation at the District. The program aims to fight poverty at the household level by supporting the transformation of Ugandans that are currently ‘working for food or hand to mouth’ to ‘working for food and incomes. Trainings were done in all these Lower Local Governments as guided by the ministries and a total of 86 Parish Based SACCOs were formed. We transferred funds to 41 PDM SACCOs and each SACCO received Seventeen Million Shillings Only (UGX 17,000,000). 45 PDM SACCOs pending this financial year release as the funds for last Financial Year were not enough to fund all the 86 PDM SACCOs. PDM was launched on the 14th April 2023

Key activities implemented
• Successfully launched and implemented the Parish Development Model (PDM) pillars as follows:
• Established 86 PDM SACCOs and had their Accounts opened in DFCU Bank, Kitgum Branch).
• Capitalized 41 PDM SACCOS each with 17,000,000= (Seventeen million shillings only) giving a total sum of 697,000,0000= (Six Hundred Ninety One Million shillings only). The 45 un-funded PDM SACCOS are expected to be considered during this quarter (Quarter 1 of the FY 2022/23. The Government position is that the SACCOs that were not funded last FY will be supported with 17Million shillings each besides the 50Million all PDM SACCOs will get in this quarter (One).
• Household data collection under Pillar 7: Parish Based Management Information System (PBMIS) is still under way in all Parishes. Our overall coverage is above 80% which is one of the highest in the country. This exercise is expected to generate village registers which will be the basis for identifying the targeted population that is outside the money economy to avoid elite capture of the program that is meant specifically for subsistence citizenry.
• Under the Management and Governance pillar, all subsisting staff gaps of Parish Chiefs and Ward agents were filled; staff inducted in service, deployed and paid all outstanding salaries with no arrear claims whatsoever. This FY, however, the recruited staff will be mainstreamed in the traditional payroll under the Integrated Personnel Payment System (IPPS) and will, therefore, cease to be paid under PDM.
• Under Pillar 1: (Production, Storage, Value addition and Marketing), wealth ranking and refined enterprise selection will continue to be carried out alongside household data collection under PBMIS. Verification of enterprise groups and SACCOs formed has been assigned to the commander OWC to ascertain and share out the report with all stakeholders for action. This exercise is yet to commence in the District