Development Response to Displacement Impact Project (DRDIP)

This project is under OPM and is purely community driven. It supports livelihood, natural resources conservation/environment protection and institutional infrastructure development with elaborate guidelines. The component of irrigation, environment and natural resources management was designed to be implemented with the aid of Implementing Partners (IPs) contracted by OPM. The DRDIP Desk Officer is Mr. Nyeko Wilfred, District Community Development Officer. Below is the Financial Information for Last Financial Year. The current Phase of the project will end in August 2023.
Funds Disbursed UGX 55,650,408,902
Funds Accounted UGX 33,516,598,305
Balance Unaccounted UGX 22,133,810,598
Total Projects Funded 447
- SESI 47 Projects
- LSP 201 Projects
- SERNM 199 Projects

Detailed list of the projects and beneficiaries can be obtained from the DRDIP Desk Officer.

- 1,600 children targeted
- 4 children per family
- Each child should get UGX 45,000
- Family monthly cash is UGX 180,000
- The Pilot project will run for 6 months