Emyooga is a Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation was launched on the 19th August, 2019. The programme targets 18 categories of specialized Ugandans who include boda boda riders, taxi drivers, restaurant operators, welders, market vendors, women entrepreneurs, youth leaders, people with disabilities (PWDs), journalists, performing artists, carpenters, salon operators, tailors, mechanics, produce dealers, veterans, fishermen and elected leaders.
Lamwo received One Billion Sixty Million Shillings (UGX 1,060,000,000) to the 34 SACCOs and 665 Associations being overseen by the Resident District Commissioner. The District Commercial Officer has been very instrumental in supporting the group formation and capacity building process. However, there is very low remittance of the money as stipulated in the guidelines.
The main goal of the programme is to promote job creation and transforming household’s income of the 68% Ugandans who are currently at subsistence level to commercial orientation through access to and usage of financial services.
In Lamwo District, 665 Associations were registered from the eleven Sub-Counties which includes: Madi Opei , Agoro, Paloga, Padibe East, Padibe west, Padibe Town Council, Lamwo Town Council, Lokung, Palabek Gem , Palabek Kal and Ogili Sub County. and 34 SACCOs have been formed to benefit from the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation from the two constituencies that is Lamwo Constituency and Palabek Constituency, Each of the 34 Emyooga-specific SACCOs categories receives Shs 30 million per constituency per SACCO as seed capital except the Elected Local Leaders’ constituency SACCOs receive Shs 50 million per constituency per SACCO. In total, Lamwo District Local Government received Uganda Shillings 1,060,000,000/= (one billion and sixty million shillings only). See attached for details.

1. Number of Associations Registered 665
2. Number of Sub Counties & Town Councils 11
3. Numbers of SACCOs formed 34
4. Number of Constituency in the District 2
5. Total Seed Capital Received 1,060,000,000/=