Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer Project (UgIFT)

Lamwo is benefitting from this project under Production and Marketing, Education and Health Departments. In phase I, there was up-grade of Katum HC II to III where a maternity block has been built while under Education, construction of Paloga Seed Secondary School. In Phase II, Padibe East Seed Secondary School has been included, a Micro-scale irrigation program in Agoro and Upgrade of Ngomoromo Health Centre II to III.
1. Micro-scale irrigation program under the Uganda Government Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers program (UGIFT): This program has been rolled over to the District effective this FY 2022/23 with a budget of Shs.294,825,140= for all district wide activities.
- Establishing of four (04) micro irrigation demonstrations
- Recruitment of key staff that includes the Senior Agricultural Engineer (SAE), Agricultural Officers (AOs) and Assistant Agricultural Officers (AAOs).
- Adoption of Micro irrigation technologies in the provision of water for production will play a significant role in increasing farm production, productivity and profitability in the District with the overall improved livelihoods of the people.

• Construction of Padibe East Seed School:
- Work commenced around mid-March,
- Site clearance has partly been done,
- Foundation excavations commenced
- Overall time progress (19%) and physical progress (1%).

• Upgrade of Ngomoromo Health Centre II:
- Procurement works completed,
- Site clearance has not been done,
- Overall time progress (0%) and physical progress (0%).