Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development-Additional Funding [USMID-AF)

Lamwo is benefitting from this project under refugee window. Various infrastructural development projects were profiled and procurement done. The projects include; road construction, market construction, construction of a community resource center and construction of a playground. All these target refugee host area except for a resource center at Lamwo Town Council and a 25km road connecting the District Headquarters to the settlement area (i.e. Lokung to Palabek Kal). The following are the current state of affairs on the respective sites under:
• Resource Center Construction:
- Physical progress has gone to about 70%,
- Finishing works currently ongoing,
- Fence posts have been fabricated and delivered at site,
- Electrical installation works ongoing,
- Contract extension not done,
- Contract is already 80% into liquidated damages period.

• Lagot Opuk Daily Market Construction:
- Physical progress is well over 90%,
- Tree planting activity is currently ongoing,
- Compound leveling and paving, water supply and power installation works still pending, and
- Contract extension expired by end of last month.

• Rehabilitation of Lokung – Palabek Kal Road
- Site handed over on Monday, 22nd May 2023,
- Works commenced immediately and progressing well, and
- All mandatory submittals provided on the day of ground breaking